Janell Howard

Janell’s love of yoga began in 1997 as a way to find her inner strength in life. Throughout this journey, she has found courage in facing the challenges of raising teenagers, developing better relationships, and seeing where she needed to improve in life. “It has given me insight into my strengths and weaknesses, an insight that has evoked a sense of calm in dealing with whatever this wonderful life has to offer.”

Her training began in 1999 with a teacher training in Anusara-inspired yoga. Over the past eighteen years, she has become a lifelong student of yoga having studied and taken many teacher training programs as well as intensive workshops with leading yogis in their respective fields from transformational breathing to perfect alignment. All of her training has culminated in her appreciation of the Baptiste methodology. It is her goal to continually improve her flow, to know and understand the intricacies of our practice, to learn and recognize others limitations and help them to push past their physical and mental boundaries.

“I feel that with my experience I can effectively instruct students on proper breathing, alignment, anatomy and flow techniques of our beautiful practice.”