How often can I practice yoga?

It is beneficial to practice as much as possible. Listen to your body! You will feel results with one to two times a week.

How do I get started?

Start by making a profile on the website. Then you can sign up for classes, class packages and workshops.

What to wear?

Wear clothing that is comfortable for you.

Can I practice yoga if I am not flexible?

Yes, you can. Everybody can practice yoga. Yoga is a practice to create flexibility in your body as well as your mind. Also, there are posture modifications that can help you find balance, comfort, and flexibility in each pose.

Mat rental?

Mats are free. We ask you to please wipe down the borrowed mat with our mat cleaner.

Private Lesson?

A one-on-one customized session can be beneficial for the student to understand the alignment of the yoga postures in their body through hands-on adjustments and verbal cues.

How is Yoga different from working out?

The breath in yoga is the focus and leads the physical, mental and spiritual body through the various postural shapes.

Mat Storage?
Unfortunately, we cannot store your mat at the studio.
Do you offer a free class for first-time students?


When is the deadline for checking in?

If you are a drop-in student, you need to arrive at least 15 min. before class starts to sign in and to ensure your space. If you booked online, you need to arrive at the studio 10 min before class starts.